Monday 16 December 2019

09.30 –10.00: Welcome coffee

10.00 –12.00: Session 1
•Toke Aidt, Jean Lacroix, and Pierre-Guillaume Méon–“Democratic purges in 1945 France: Was it all about separating the wheat from the chaff?”
•Stefano Falconeand Michele Rosenberg–“Technological Change, Organizational Capacity and Conflict: Land Occupations in Brazil”
•Benjamin Monneryand Eric Phélippeau–“Legislators as Managers: Evidence from Parliamentary Staff in France”
•João Rafael Cunha –“Making of financial regulation”

12:00–13:30: Lunch

13.30 –15.00: Session 2
•Evan Wigton-Jones–“Droughts, Conflict, and Local Governance in Pre-Industrial Europe”
•Nicolas Lagios, Pierre-Guillaume Méon, Ilan Tojerow–“Does it pay off to demonstrate against the far right?”
•Gianmarco Daniele, Tommaso Giommoni, and Tommaso Orlando–“Corruption under Fiscal Rules”
15.00 –15.30: Coffee Break
15.30 –17.00: Session 3
•Nadiya Ukrayinchukand Hubert Jayet–“Immigration issue in French presidential election choice”
Benny Geysand Nanna Lauritz Schönhage –“Party Cues and Incumbent Assessments under Multilevel Governance”
•Emiliano Grossman–“Distance, Dissatisfaction and Decentralisation: Does Geographical Proximity to National Political Institutions Shape Satisfaction with Democracy?”
17.15 –18.15: Invited lecture: Andreas Madestam (Stockholm University): “State Repression, Exit, and Voice: Living in the Shadow of Cambodia’s Killing Fields”

19.30: Social Dinner

Tuesday 17 December 2019

09.00 –09.30: Coffee

09.30 –11.00: Session 4
•Gianmarco Daniele, Amedeo Piolatto, and Willem Sas–“Does the Winner Take It All? Redistributive Policies and Political Extremism”
•Etienne Lepers–“manipulating credit: how political cycles drive credit booms”
•Cristina Corduneanu-Huci, Michael T. Dorsch, and Paul Maarek–“Learning to constrain: Political competition, polarization, and randomized controlled trials”
Discussion openers:

11.00 –11.30: Coffee Break11.30 –12.30

•Israel Garcíaand Bernd Hayo–“Political Budget Cycles Revisited: Testing the Signalling Process”Discussion openers:
•Caitlin Brown, Garance Genicot,and Nishtha Kochhar–“Political Reservations as Term-Limits: Evidence from India”
Discussion openers:

12.30 –13.30: Lunch

13.30 –15.00: Session 5
•MaqsoodAslamandLaura Duthilleul–“Education : a shield to dictatorship ?Evidence from Pakistan”Discussion openers:
Abel FrançoisandMorgan Le Corre Juratic–“Number of candidates and electoral turnout: how many is optimal?”
Discussion openers:

15.00–15.30: Coffee and farewell